Can’t Afford Student Loan Payments

Being buried in a student loan makes an individual embarrassing. The bad experience, stress, and emotional troll are immense. If you face the challenge, you may probably be trapped and hopeless. If you struggle to repay the student loan amount, you have some legitimate ways available to you. However, you may get some relief through the Deferment and forbearance process. However, your loan payment does not get reduced at all. If you have a hard time repaying the loan, you shall try the following steps without delay. Private student loan borrowers can try the next steps.

Contact your lender

The same results are not expected if you have borrowed a loan from a private lender compared to the federal government. However, many lenders support you through available options meant for those who feel difficulty. It is possible through the forbearance option in which you shall have a temporary pause from repaying the monthly amount. However, you will have the interest continue to accrue. Hence, this reprieve makes you comfortable for a short time.

You have the freedom to contact your lender to know the relief options available for your problem. May your lender consider some relief options for you and discuss reducing your sorrows. Some lenders might understand your present difficult status and help you if they have options. It is in their best interests to provide you with various information about loan repayment options. Flexible options are explained to you. These options make you afford monthly payments easily.

Think about repayment options

Students who obtained federal loans can have some breathing time about the next six months. Federal loan borrowers can think about driven-income repayment options for their monthly repayment options. Essential information that a borrower must know has a full loan forgiveness option after twenty years of loan repayment.

Student loan refinancing option

Refinancing is an excellent option meant for borrowers. If you are the borrower, you shall refinance the existing loan with the new loan. Your current loan is thus replaced by a refinancing option at a cheap rate of interest. It is one of the best ways to pay off your debt in a quick way.

Experts say that the refinancing option does not benefit federal loan borrowers. This is because you may lose federal protections by refinancing options. However, the refinancing option is a good option for private student loan payers than the federal type.

Loan consolidation

Loan consolidation methods are suitable for private loan borrowers. However, this type of technique is not feasible for federal loan borrowers. The reason is that the borrower might lose many privileges of federal loan protections.

How is a college student benefited from the loan consolidation technique? Yes, college students would have got multiple loans from various lenders to meet their money needs. They would have called loans at various types of interest. So, they shall use the loan consolidation technique to reduce their burden. How does it happen? It happens by refinancing at one new low rate. By this method, your loan repayment is simplified, and you shall have great relief.

You shall get various details about student loan refinancing options from an expert. The expert may tell you how to simplify the process further. Based on the suggestions, you shall proceed further on the loan consolidation technique.

What are the strategies to consider if you can’t pay your student loans?

The following strategies are considered by you in case you are unable to pay your student loan. Yes, it can be a scary situation if you are in a position of unable to pay.

You shall evaluate yourself by asking the following questions when you can’t afford student loan payments.

Before you spend, ask yourself,” Do I need to spend”

Shall I buy a cheaper one than this one?

Does this spending add value?

The above questions may put you in an exact position and save you from unnecessary spending. You should be a cost-cutting machine by asking the above questions.

You shall also consider the following cost-cutting methods

  • Downsizing to a cheaper home
  • Switch on to a more affordable insurance
  • Do not use the car or bike and can use cycle if possible

The above methods are some of the examples of your cost-cutting technique. However, you have to comb through your expenses and find out the leak. Plug the leak at the earliest before it drowns you. So, be alert on your spending and try to limit the expenses.

Earn some extra money during a crisis

A little bit of extra income during crisis time makes you feel less stressed and some respite. Try to find out those ways.

Find some online part jobs that could fetch you some extra money

Be a consultant or online coach

Sell you used books, and CD’s

The above sample methods may fetch you extra money for your loan payment.

Unconventional strategies to get out of debt

Try to look for a job where you can get both salary and staying facilities—for example, camp worker, hostel supervisor, pizza in charge, etc. You shall earn and remain at the same time.

Secondly, you shall try to uSE YOUR TAX REFUND:


YES, IT IS A huge burden for you to repay the student loan during the crisis. Do not worry a lot about your repayment and problem because worries would never help you. Instead, you shall think of some creative ideas as stated above. You shall go with the steps that are convenient and flexible to you. The above details or suggestions may help you to cope with the crisis in an exact way. You should always be open to better-paying prospects for loan repayment. Use the opportunities that look at you and try to catch it anyhow.. it is better to understand the whole concept of student loan repayment so that you shall get there in time.