6 Best Credit Cards for College Students

College students face financial difficulties constantly. Students who want to pursue their studies in a different country usually take loans. However, paying for the cost can be difficult. To have more opportunities to study without hassle, college students require a credit card that will assist them in their journey.
Popular companies offer many kinds of credit cards; however, before deciding on one, it is best to be aware of the top choices. In this article, you’ll be able to learn about the top 6 credit cards for college students.


This card is excellent for college students since it has no annual fees, so students in school can benefit more when studying. This card provides up or four years’ opportunities for building credit and the ability to earn rewards. To qualify for this card, you must be 18 years old or older and a permanent resident of the USA. Students get 5% cashback from gas stations and Amazon.com. If you’re a student, you can earn the same money back from other purchases. One of the great things with this credit card is that it will not have the expense of paying a foreign exchange cost which is perfect for students studying in a foreign nation. If you require financial assistance for your dorm and textbooks, you’ll get a first-ever 0% APR rate for the first six months following the activation of the card. Then, you’ll have to pay 12.99 percent to 21.99 percent interest. It’s important to remember that you make the payment on time so that you don’t be required to pay fees for late payments.


If you’re looking for reward points in multiple categories, this card is for you. You’ll get a unique rewards program when you use Discover it Chrome. If you’re a college student, putting the tank in your car or dining out with your friends in the restaurant is mandatory. It will offer you 2% in rewards for every one of those. In a restaurant, you could earn as much as $1000.
Additionally, you’ll receive a cashback of 1% at other places, and this will be automatic. Like the card before, this card does not charge a foreign transaction cost, making it ideal for students studying abroad. In addition, the APR of 0% can help you pay for room costs and tuition. This benefit will be available for six months following the credit card opening. After this, it will be a full six months. APR will range from 12.99 percent to 21.99 percent. It is required to be a US citizen and at least 18 years old to get this card. Additionally, it is advised to pay the balance in full and in time so that you stay clear of late fees.


Chase provides students with a credit card that also offers attractive deals. You can enjoy better rewards and bonuses with Chase, the perfect first credit card for students in college. The primary benefit of this card is that it offers 1 percent cash back on every purchase that you make. Afterward, you could be eligible to win a bonus of $50 if you purchase within the first three months following the card’s activation. You can also earn $20 by making payments in time for five years. The card lets students receive an increase in their credit limit as long as they keep a consistent paying routine. This gives you a greater possibility of upgrading once you’re done with school and applying for this card. You don’t need a credit report. The variable APR of the credit card will be 14.99 percent which is relatively inexpensive for students and first-time users. However, some cards provide higher rewards. This card is also charged fees for foreign transactions, which isn’t ideal for studying abroad.


This is an excellent initial credit card for college students, And for that, you need to have a perfect credit history. It is a secured card and, to ensure it, you will need to make an amount of money, however with a balance of between $49 and 4200, you will receive a credit line of $200. In time, you will get an increase in credit limit and an additional credit line of six months. It is unnecessary to pay an annual fee, which is a benefit on this credit card. While getting credit with Capital One’s Platinum Secured Card is straightforward, it isn’t sure if you will be approved. You need to prove that you can pay your bills, and after that, you must deposit money to make the deposit.


If you’re not able to get credit, this is the right card for you. If you do not possess an SSN or a credit score above, you may be eligible for this credit card. Students in college who can’t apply on other credit cards have more chances to be approved for Deserve EDU MasterCard specifically designed for students. The card is a customized underwriting method based on various requirements. You can earn one percent cash back for every purchase you make through the Amazon Prime service for a year. However, this is only available when you spend $500 in the first three months. You’ll receive a $30 credit when you introduce the card to suitable people to use the card. There is no need to pay the annual fees, and you can use the rewards on your statement credit. In addition, you must wait until your credit is equal to $25 before you can redeem rewards. You may always choose another card that offers higher rewards rates.


This card comes with the most enticing features specifically for college students. You can earn triple rewards across various categories and not be required to pay the annual fee. When using the SavorOne Students Cash Rewards Credit Card, you can make three percent on food, restaurants, or even movies. Additionally, you will earn 1% back on any other purchase. It is impossible to find this type of reward on other credit cards. But, if you are the first person to use this card, keeping track of the tips could be difficult. If the card had an annual fee, it would be simpler to keep track of. For a flat rate, you could choose the Quicksilver student Card.
College student credit cards are also, such as the Journey Student Rewards Card from Capital One Citi Rewards Student Card. You may also look through the cards mentioned above and choose the one that’s right for you.